Who We Are

Razaz Group is a leading global textile, apparel and fashion exporting services agency that brings an integrated approach to design and production of high quality textiles and brand-name products for companies worldwide with 30 years’ experience in the field. Built into Razaz Agency’s mission right from its founding days is a deep and continuing commitment to fair trade agreements and healthy work environment.

Mission & Vision

We value our clients as the foundation of our business. Our relationship with clients are based on principles of respect and mutual benefit. We aim to develop profitable and lasting relationships. We aim to build on what we do well and to innovate to meet changing client needs.
Razaz Agency’s integrated approach to ready garments export, the commitment and expertise of its well-trained staff and its global presence are the advantages we offer our long-standing clients. Our clients enjoy not having to deal with multiple vendors in multiple locales with multiple results. They just deal with Razaz Agency and our voice of experience. Simply put, at Razaz Agency we have taken the pain out of doing business globally.
Our reach to all factories in Egypt is very assuring to our clients. It helps Razaz Agency closely monitor every aspect of production and packaging giving us the flexibility to simplify even the most complex of transactions, bring order to chaos, and deliver excellence on time.

To become one of the top agencies in the ready garment export field worldwide through our innovation in design and closely monitored production of high quality garments that meet and surpass our clients’ needs.

Our Team

Our marketing team work in a world-class working environment that observe all legal, human and ethical standards. Our managers and supervisors are always one step ahead of new techniques and marketing approaches;thanks to their rigorous training in Europe and the United States on the latest technological and business practices. At our Egypt operations for instance, many of our employees have been handpicked from leading institutions.


We are dealing with many factories all over Egypt. We place each item in the factories specializing in the item’s production and we ask a sample from each of these factories to compare for competitive advantages to guarantee best quality of final product. We also negotiate with the factories specializing in the item to guarantee best price and delivery.
We have highly-qualified merchandisers who handle your company’s account with a weekly follow-up report inclusive of production information and order progress.
We fill you in on the production process step by step; sending you fit sample, fabric for approval, lab dips, pre-production sample, and finally shipping information once the whole order is ready for shipment. We also have our own laboratory for lab dips and two knitting and dyeing facilities in Egypt.
We have quality control auditors who do inline inspection at 20% of production, 50% of production, and a final production quality check. Our quality control team handles the inspection from sampling phase, all through production, and until order container is sealed by the custom committee.